Saturday, May 1, 2010

In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

April 2010 was one of my most creatively fertile months in quite some time, so that makes it a little disappointing that I closed it out under the weather and unable to continue that hot streak in any meaningful way. Bah. I have managed to string together some stuff over the last couple of days, but not much. Oh well, that gives me more to do in the months to come.

I have picked up some things over the last couple of weeks that I am planning to discuss here. Right now, I'm still forming my opinions about them. Be on the lookout for some new product reviews, including the culmination of a three year wait. Yes, really.

You will also be seeing further glimpses into the madcap world of Captain Satellite, via the publication of some pieces that were composed in April but saved for later. I didn't want to inundate this blog with too many profiles, you see. May will see the revamped 2007 entries conclude. After that? Well, you know if you follow my deviantArt account. Word to the wise and all that jazz.

There are other things brewing here at OWARI HQ, but nothing I care to disclose publicly right now. Keep an eye out for some potentially interesting news over the next few months. Oh, and a milestone that might be important to, like, a dozen people other than me.

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