Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This Post Is Completely Worksafe

There I was, perusing the 2-disc special edition of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS (for purely scholarly reasons of cinematic interest, I assure you) when I spotted it. The penultimate sequence in the movie occurs in a book/record store that has been seen throughout the picture. And what is on the righthand side in the background of this scene, bigger than life?


Yes, it's a display for Blue Öyster Cult's album Spectres.

As a BOC fan, this fills me with glee. Do you think I should submit it to the official Blue Öyster Cult site?


  1. I do think you should send it to them.

  2. Yes, submit it!

    Also, this brings me far, far more glee than it should. I'm totally putting that record on in honor of the occasion.

  3. Well, that sounds like a consensus! I'll have to see what mail links I can find there.

    Kabu, I feel like I have done a good deed by motivating you to listening to that album again!