Friday, November 19, 2010

Karma Bando

Meet Karma Bando, ace auto mechanic of Major City and co-creator of Captain Satellite's Rocket Racecar. Art by Kabuki Katze!

Karma Bando first appeared in the the Non-Supers Profiles. When I was putting that piece together, I realized it afforded me a good opportunity to discuss Captain Satellite's souped-up wheels. I just needed to find an excuse to bring it up. I happened to think about a friend and co-worker of mine who had at one time expressed interest in becoming an auto mechanic. That was when inspiration hit - I would create the mechanic for Cap's vehicle and base it on her!

I am so forthcoming about the origin of Karma from this young lady because I asked for her assistance in crafting my character into someone unique. She had input on several aspects, including the name. I like to think of her as the co-creator. So, thank you Destiny, for helping color in some of the details in my fantasy world!

More recently, I went to Kabuki with the intention of actually bringing Karma to life. Photos of her inspiration served as the basis, but we obviously took our own liberties. The blue hair was one, but it was one that had been discussed in Karma's creation. Oh, and we finally nailed down a name for Karma's garage - "Lightning Cars".

I'm pretty pleased with the final result as seen here and on Kabuki's page. I suspect you will immediately recognize the famous piece of advertising art that she paid homage to with it. It fits into the aesthetic of this world, that's for sure.

If I have my way, we'll be seeing more of Karma Bando in the future! Watch for her!

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