Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Peeking Into Firegirl's Diary

Yesterday's scheduled profile of Doppelgirl reminded me that I have never written a "behind the scenes" for "Firegirl's Internet Diary". I think we should do that today.

My original idea was to put together a story starring Firegirl built around the conceit that it was a diary entry. Then I remembered what century it was and decided that a blog entry might be better. Ironically enough, despite its presentation as a blog entry, the story was originally written in longhand in a notebook and then transcribed. This was once my preferred method, but I have drifted away from it over the last few years. It was interesting to revisit it, but I don't think I need to make a habit out of it.

Firegirl is a character whose personality has developed gradually over the years, at least partially through the fan work of her by a handful of folks who really took to her. So it was fun to try to more fully explore the many facets of who she is. I came away from this story with a much clearer vision of who Firegirl "is", so I consider that a plus.

There is also a lot of world building in this story. Let's look at some of the details that pop up!
  • One aspect that I tried to better define in this story is the Invincible Alliance itself. I worked out some of their character interplay, albeit largely off-stage and inferred. I also introduced their super technology, like the Air Cars and transporter tubes for passage between their many embassies.
  • The reference to the "Volcano Monsters" hints at the case where Firegirl gained her powers and was able to ditch the Pyro Pistol that had been with her since I conceived her. Everyone had always missed it, so I just went ahead and made it official!
  • I wanted to figure out exactly what Roxanne and Shelly's relationship might be, considering how pivotal both of them are in the big picture of this universe. I like to think it makes a degree of sense, given the place both of them hold in Paul (Captain Satellite) Mann's life.
  • I am reasonably certain that this story marked the debut of both "El Oceano" (a major west coast city) and The Major City Courier (Major City's number one newspaper). The latter was created for possible inclusion in another project, but that didn't happen.
  • The name "Alex Royce" is my tribute to "Alec Rois", the secret identity of the old Captain Atom villain the Ghost. The Ghost was one of my prime inspirations in the creation of the Phantom Rogue.
  • Calvin Major is a member of the Major family that has been subtly popping up here and there as the "first family" of Major City. Given the implicit antiquity of his works, it's possible Calvin Major is the one who actually FOUNDED Major City.
  • In case you were wondering, yes, I totally dropped a reference into this story to the picture seen both here and here. You thought I wouldn't?
  • You can read more about Spookette's genesis in the Doppelgirl entry linked above. One consequence of her inclusion is that it allowed me to delve a little bit into Firegirl's personality in ways that might have been unexpected for some people.
  • I kind of want my own Spookcopter. I love the name, and I love the very idea.
  • Firegirl's ability to use her powers to make herself lighter than air is something I vaguely recall being offered once as an explanation for how fire heroes could fly. It doesn't make a lot of sense if you think about it even a little, but there's a lot about superhero stories than don't make sense if you apply critical thinking.

I haven't had as many opportunities to pen Firegirl's adventures since this summer, but that just gives me a goal for 2011!

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