Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Godzilla 2000 Nostalgia

Last night, I was going through some of my boxes, looking for things. Well, I didn't find those particular things (shocking!), but I did unearth some packs of newspaper clippings and other assorted mementos from a decade ago. And really, it's a sign you're getting older when none of it feels that old to you.

Among my treasure trove is this:

(Right clicking that will make it super-sized.)

That's a newspaper ad for GODZILLA 2000 clipped from my local paper The American Press. I don't recall how many of these ran, but given the "8/18" in the lower righthand corner (opening day was August 18, 2000), I'll guess not many.

I was really jazzed to see GODZILLA 2000. Since I had inexplicably not gone to see GODZILLA 1985 when New World released it, this was my first opportunity to see a Japanese Godzilla movie in a theater. While the movie itself is just OK, the experience made up for it. Even if it was in the ill-fated Oak Park Cinema 6, which is currently a church.

How excited was I over GODZILLA 2000?

I saw it twice.

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