Friday, August 24, 2012

Super Bad x 2

There hasn't been enough K-Tel in our lives here, has there? Well, that's easy enough to fix! Plus, this is something I've been meaning to highlight for some time.

Super Bad was a K-Tel album with an actual recognizable theme. Building off the title (derived from the James Brown song), it was a collection of soul music. The commercial reflects this, and does so with a minimum of patronizing.

By way of contrast, the title Super Bad was also used by K-Tel for an Australian release on the Majestic Records label. The commercial for it also exists. What's amazing is that it is clearly directly based on the American Super Bad commercial. However, there is a difference.

I've read that K-Tel albums sometimes had different configurations in different countries, but rarely has this been demonstrated so blatantly. These are two entirely different records! The Australian release even includes artists from that continent that are mostly unknown to those of us in North America. Yet both are named Super Bad and both use the same artwork for the sleeve.

Somehow, I doubt the music of Donny Osmond and Lobo would qualify as "super bad" in the United States. But that's just a supposition on my part.

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