Wednesday, August 14, 2013

R.I.P. Allen Lanier of Blue Oyster Cult

I first learned the news in the subject header a couple of hours ago, but I guess I've been trying to process it before putting it on the blog. Allen Lanier, one of the members of Blue Öyster Cult died today from complications of C.O.P.D. I can't say this was a huge surprise; Allen had effectively been retired since 2006. I took that as a hint that he was in poor health, and sadly, I was correct.

I posted this song on Facebook, and I think it belongs here, too. Allen doesn't sing it (he rarely sang lead for BOC), but he wrote it and it's the song I most associate with him. Maybe I'll you see you again, baby, and maybe I won't. Rest in peace, Allen Lanier.

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