Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Distractions & Disappointments

I was kinda on a roll last week, thinking I was going to post an entry every weekday. Then my Internet went out on Thursday and that put a kibosh on that. Between catching up on lost time and other matters that needed attending, that was it for blogging last week. Which didn't really matter, as it turns out.

I've recently discussed the problems I have encountered in keeping this blog fresh. One of them that I hadn't mentioned is that my stats have kind of fallen off a cliff of late. I am not sure what to make of it, exactly. My first instinct is that Blogger has at least temporarily killed some of my view spam, and while I think that's true, it shouldn't affect individual entries. Yet almost everything is way down.

Why? I don't know. My guess is that I am experiencing a social media fail, but I don't have the will to increase my presence right now. Or maybe it's just fatigue among my meager audience. I haven't really gotten a lot of feedback about a lack of enthusiasm about content, but then, I haven't gotten a lot of feedback in general in recent months.

I still have things I want to discuss and review here, of course, but now find my energies better channeled in other directions. I am working on a new short story (not the long-promised novella) that has been in my head since 2011. It's not a question as to if the story gets done, but when. I'd like to spend more time expanding my own body of work, rather than just examining the work of others. The latter is easier, so it's tempting to just stay in that mode whether you have anything to say or not.

I'd like to stress that I'm not complaining. We all have problems, and this is a shockingly minor one even for me. A handful of entries still get hits every day and buoy my hopes that people are reading. It's sometimes even the most inexplicable things - like my Ellen Page entry going over 100 views. How far into searches for her do you have to go to get here? So I'm grateful for all of that, even if it rarely translates into long-term readers.

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