Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Appeal to Latricia Mayhew

I have been putting off writing this entry for several days, hoping it might prove to be unnecessary. It appears now I need to have it out there. It's mostly being written because I want it to show up in search engines in the hopes that it will make a difference. This is a long shot at best. I just don't have any other ideas at the moment.

This message is for Latricia Mayhew, last known by me to be living in Seattle, Washington. Hi, this is Chris. We worked together at a restaurant in Louisiana circa 2002-2003. Remember how you hated dealing with the restrooms? Remember the fat tip I left you one afternoon when you waited on me? Remember the time I tried to remove the viruses from your computer and you explained the Ladder Theory to me? Do you?

I miss you. Eric misses you. Holly misses you. I'm sure there are a lot of people who miss you. We don't want anything from you. We just miss you and would love to get back in touch with you. It's been a long time - since 2007 for me. That was when we last spoke on Myspace and I told you about the vacation I was taking.

Latricia, no matter what has happened, please know that you are loved and cherished and respected. Please get in touch with me and at least let us know how you are. We care about you. Let us show it. I want to reconnect somehow, whether it be via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, whatever. There are social media links in the sidebar of my blog. You are welcome to use them.

I have been trying to find a way to get in touch with you for at least five years. I don't expect this attempt to be any more successful than previous ones. I just want you to know - you don't have to be afraid to contact us. You are our friend and we care about you.

If you know Latricia, please point her in the direction of this blog entry ASAP. If you ARE Latricia, please...just let us know how you are doing. We miss you.


  1. Miss you lots Trish. So much has happened here, good and bad. The kids are growing so fast. We are back in Louisiana. I've been dealing with cancer lately, but will be fine. The last number you gave me was a few years ago and it doesn't work. I thought about giving your dad a call or finding your mom to contact you. I will, soon, if I don't hear from you this way. There's so much to catch up on. Please respond. Love, Holly :)

  2. Wow, I am looking for Latricia too. I searched her on google and found this. I graduated with her in Texas and lives with her awhile in college station. I now live in Seattle, ironically and would love to see her.

  3. @Holly - Thank you, Holly. Love you.

    @Kristen - If you are following this post, could you drop me a line christopherelam AT Thanks.

  4. I emailed you. I have her last known address which was oddly just a few blocks away from another friend ours she graduated. He was valedictorian and she was saludictorian.

  5. Hi guys, I had no idea you guys were looking for me. I am doing well living in Seattle and enjoying gardening. You can always email me at


  6. Latricia! Like we could ever forget you, lady! :)

    I actually tried to e-mail you at that addy prior to posting this. I will probably do so again either tonight or tomorrow. Just happy to hear from you again after all this time, and know you're doing OK!