Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chapter 2

The alarm blared loudly and she struggled to find it though sleepy eyes. It didn't matter when she went to bed, because it was always too early when it was time to get up. The sun wasn't even out and it was time for her day to begin. Another day, the same as all the rest of them. What the hell had happened to her life?

She had her degree, even if it took almost five years to get it. She had worked hard and paid her dues. But the dream of finding what she wanted after college was just that - a dream. All she had found was disappointment and dead-ends and a job at a coffee shop to make ends meet. She had promised herself it was just "temporary," but two years later, she was still there.

But even that seemed destined to fall apart sooner or later. She was stuck opening every morning and it was wearing her down. Early to bed, early to rise, and no life at all in-between. Just a few hours playing video games alone in an apartment that she was struggling to afford on her salary. Something had to change soon, or she was going to be out on her ass.

Of course, things had been a little different when she had a boyfriend who at least helped her cover the rent. They had been together since her sophomore year in college, and she had really trusted and loved him. And hey, the sex wasn't too bad either. But apparently, none of that had been good enough for him. She had returned home from an extra long shift to discover that he had moved out without even a goodbye note. She still had no idea where he was. At least he hadn't stolen any of her stuff when he'd left.

She had survived that heartbreak. Heck, she wasn't even sure she still missed him. But she couldn't deny that money was tight, and she had so fallen out of touch socially that she didn't even know anyone looking for a roommate. She was drifting along, existing but not really living.

She laid in the bed and stared up at nothing in particular. Above her, a fan slowly rotated, and she found herself simply...watching. As she did, it felt as if her entire life up to that point was dancing in front of her. Every decision, good and bad, since she had left home was replayed over and over and over on the dark canvas of her ceiling. As it was, all she could think was...Is this all there is?

What was she going to do?


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