Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Disaster In Japan

Though I briefly mentioned it on Twitter, I feel like I would be remiss if I didn't discuss the disasters which befell Japan last week. This is being written in advance, so I'm not sure what the latest developments have been since I put this entry together. However, I do know that what we've already seen has been devastating, unbelievable, and gut-wrenching.

No disaster is more "important" than another, but it's hard to not be affected by what's happening in Japan if you're someone like me. I have a deep affinity for that country, which is probably obvious considering I gave this very blog a Japanese name. Japanese pop culture opened my imagination, and that led to an interest in the real world place that shaped those films and TV shows.

That's important to remember in a time like this. Japan is not a fantasyland, but a real place that is filled with both good and bad. We do all of ourselves a disservice if we forget that distinction. There's a Japan that exists just like the world outside your window, and it only has the vaguest connection to tokusatsu, or anime, or manga, or any of the other dozens of hobbies we pursue connected to that country.

I find everything that is happening especially poignant considering my interest in Japan was born through Godzilla. Obviously, what's happening is far more nightmarish than anything that could have been conceived in a movie studio. And you know, it's not even a monster movie that bobs to the front of my consciousness; it's a particularly dreadful movie called PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS. In that one, one disaster after another keeps getting piled on, and you think it just has to end sooner or later.

I mean, it does, doesn't it?

I haven't donated money yet, though I fully intend to do so. I am waiting a little bit until things get sorted out. You know there's going to be a need for all kinds of aid for months, and probably years, to come. However, if you would like to make a donation that will go directly to Japan, my friend Igadevil has some links over on his site you should investigate. Iga is not only a fellow fan, but he lived in Japan for a time in the affected area. So this hits closer to home for him than your average person.

I don't have a wise wrap-up for this entry. Let's just all do our part, and show a little compassion and empathy for the country that is the home to some of our favorite pop culture diversions. They can sure use it.

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