Friday, March 11, 2011

The Super Girls Project (2007)

Remember back in this entry, when I said that 2007 Firegirl collaboration by Sara and Kabuki was a test run for something bigger? Well, the "something bigger" turned out to be what I can only term The Super Girls Project. Basically, Sara pencilled all new pictures of Shelly Ericson, Firegirl, Amazing Girl, and Muscle Woman, and then turned them over to Kabuki. Kabuki then colored them digitally in much the same manner as the earlier Firegirl picture.

The difference with The Super Girls Project was that this time, these new pictures were then turned into buttons and magnets (not shown) through Kabuki's Cafepress shop! Why? Well, I blush to admit it, but it was a birthday surprise for yours truly. As you can imagine, I was bowled over and completely delighted by this gesture of friendship. I still prize my collection to this day.

Kabuki converted all four of these interpretations of my female heroes into wallpapers, which are posted below. Fair warning: the captions for most are a little saucy. I don't think you'll mind that, or that "Firegirl" is written as two words and Muscle Woman is identified as "Muscle Girl".

Thank you again to both Sara and Kabuki, for creating such a wonderful gift back in 2007. Meanwhile, though Kabu's Cafepress is now defunct, you can still buy goods from her via her Zazzle store!

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