Monday, October 3, 2011

The Eagle of Heavy Metal

Here's what I don't understand. You're making a movie called HEAVY METAL. It's based on the eponymous magazine, but there's also an entire genre of music that carries the name "heavy metal". In fact, you've enlisted several famous artists of heavy metal music to contribute to the soundtrack. Why is it then that when deciding on the film's title song, you slam your fist on the desk and say, "Get me DON FELDER!"

No offense to a talented musician like Don Felder, but he wouldn't even be the 18th person to spring to mind when I think of "heavy metal."


  1. I like the song, but 89% of the album stinks on ice. so much filler and so little to do with anything going on on the screen.

  2. If you never have, check out BOC's album Fire of Unknown Origin. Several of the songs were written for possible inclusion in the movie. Ironically, "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" was not one of them!