Monday, October 17, 2011

"Life is a trip"

"I mean, who is a hippie? We were stoned freaks. Noise-wise, we're sonic warriors working the outer limits of sci-fi rock."
"We've raised funds for brain scanners, and actually saved four rhinoceroses in Zambia. The game warden sent us pictures. We've yet to meet them, but look eagerly forward to it."
"[...] We use our computers as a barbarian would. [...] The music moves, you know, like a ship - a spaceship - sailing along the seas from one setting to another. Like life itself, it's all alike. But everything is different. I don't know if there's progression. We've been at sea now for what seems like light-years. I hope there is progress, but sometimes I wonder."
"I'm not bothered by people being stoned out, but we're not encouraging it. Personally, I don't need them. Life is a trip."

--Selected quotes from Dave Brock of the band Hawkwind,
From Cult Rockers (Fireside, 1995)

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