Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Humpty Dance

Oh man, I loved Digital Underground's "The Humpty Dance" from the moment I heard it in 1990, and that love has not abated over time. It is just so endearingly goofy and catchy and wonderful. It is one of the prime reasons I have sometimes joked I don't remember anything from the 1980s but rap song lyrics.

I never saw the music video back in the day, and didn't really have the chance to keep up with Digital Underground beyond that single. When I learned years later that "Humpty Hump" was an alternate identity of the group's frontman Greg "Shock G" Jacobs rather than a real person, it was akin to the whole Santa Claus thing. Still, give credit to the man for crafting a memorable, enduring character. He spoke about the legend that is Humpty Hump (and told some hilarious tales!) in this interview.

Embedded below is the music video for the song. If you'd prefer to hear the uncensored version instead, it can be found here.

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