Monday, January 2, 2012

Santo vs. la Invasion de los Marcianos


One of my great sorrows as a follower of oddball cinema is that I've never really been able to get into Mexican wrestler movies. To be sure, I love the idea of them, and have even appropriated it here and there in my own work. And it seems like a slam dunk for someone like me. I like superheroes, I like(d) pro wrestling, and I like strange low-budget films. Yet, I cannot really get myself worked up over these luchador adventures. This is definitely my loss.

Above is the trailer for SANTO VS. LA INVASION DE LOS MARCIANOS ("Santo vs. the Invasion of the Martians"), which melds 1950s-era science-fiction with championship grappling. See, this is why I find these movies so fascinating. Masked wrestler vs. alien interlopers! Get ready for all the pesos!

If only I could love them the way some people do.

Oh, and before you mock the Martians for forgetting their shirts during their invasion, I'd like to point out that their nemesis isn't wearing one either. They're just trying to keep things fair. It's not a bold new fashion statement from our neighbors on the Red Planet. OR IS IT?!?!

This movie came out on English-subtitled DVD a few years ago, believe it or not. While it's now out of print, copies can still be found for reasonable prices. In fact, the low price looks like someone quite familiar in these parts. I didn't conceive this entry as a means to help him sell his copy, but if it helps, all the better!

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