Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tex and Jinx

If you read the Owariverse Encyclopedia last year, you might have noticed the (hopefully) exciting new backstory for my character Tex Truman. The premise of this piece by Kabuki Katze was to further explore that backstory and the dynamic with Gabrielle "Jinx" Fitzgerald. And what better way to do that than a faux cover?

The difference this time is that this is not a faux comic book cover, but rather a faux paperback cover. I dunno, the vibe I wanted for these two was a pulpish, adventure novel type of thing. Y'know, the sort of book you might have found at the drugstore or at a roadside Stuckey's.

I really think Kabuki came through once again. Look at that layout! Look at those poses, and especially those expressions! Look at the cowboy and sexy girl in a catsuit! And especially, look at those little details that flesh it all out and make it pop.

(If you are wondering - yes, the title is a indeed a reference to a certain spy movie we discussed not long ago. And the tagline is a reference to a certain other movie's trailer.)

As always, Kabuki has this available on dA for comment.

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