Thursday, February 16, 2012

"The Intercollegiate Dark Secret"

$20 Pinup: Sailor Asteroid by =kabukikatze on deviantART

Some of you out there might know that "Intercollegiate Dark Secret" was a masked identity used by wrestler George Bollas, better known as the Zebra Kid. I'm sorry, but this entry is not about George Bollas. "Intercollegiate Dark Secret" was the codename I choose for a very special commission project to disguise my true intentions.

As we saw last month, our friend Kabuki Katze was running a sale for $20 commissions. The sale is over now, but before all the slots filled up, I snagged a second one. For myself? No, I elected instead to pay for a commission for Nickyflamingo, since her new job wasn't starting until this month. I thought a little giftart for a sweet and generous person was in order.

I came to Kabuki with my plan, and "Intercollegiate Dark Secret" was placed on her list as the mysterious name of my new commission. In reality, I asked her to pick a character for Nicky (she knows her better than I) and put something together for her. Kabuki's choice was Nicky's Sailor Moon OC Sailor Asteroid, and you can see the results of this commission above.

I'm really pleased with how everything turned out. I got to do something nice for two different people, and a great piece of artwork was the result. Drinks all around!

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