Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Old L.A. Restaurants

Mark Evanier doesn't need any plugs from me, as he has more readers than I can even imagine. However, I'd like to point up one of my favorite parts of his website. Old L.A. Restaurants is an informal survey of now-defunct eateries in the Southern California area. I was a fan of the old version of this sub-site, and I'm kind of jazzed by this new Wordpress incarnation. There are new entries to go alongside the old ones which are being added, and there are even comments!

I'm hopeful for some reader submissions, which Mark has solicited for this project. I love his writing, but I'd like to read even more of these anecdotes. Fascinating stuff! Well, at least to me. The only downside is that I always get hungry while I'm perusing these tales.

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