Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vas Ist Das Tumblr?

I resisted the siren call of all the random neat things on Tumblr for a long time, but recently succumbed to its charms. This has coincided neatly with a block on some entries I've been wanting to post here. This begs the question, are the two developments related?

Nah, but it might look that way. Tumblr is currently a bit of a minor addiction, but that is only because it is my new toy and I'm playing with it. I'm sure that as the newness wears off, it will settle into its own comfortable groove. My biggest concern with it is to not go overboard right at the outset. It hasn't even been operational for a month and I'm closing in on 100 posts already.

As for its use, OWARI Tumblr Annex has become my clearing house of cool. I've been reblogging (and occasionally, posting) items that I am passionate about and that inspire me. Some of it is familiar ground for readers of this blog, while some of it hasn't even come up. It's a place where you can join me in reveling in the sort of things that fit my personal aesthetic of awesome.

If that sounds appealing to you, click the link and enjoy the show!

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