Friday, April 13, 2012

This Is Hardcore Service

Not that long ago, I was discussing my power supplier with my friend Kabuki Katze. Why? The reasons escapes me, but she was fascinated that a local company like Beauregard Electric even exists in this day and age. And I have to say, despite grumbling on occasion, I'm glad it does.

Remember, I live in what is essentially a rural area. That means there are a lot more things that can knock out our power. Generally speaking, it's usually restored in a reasonable amount of time. We get quality service and we pay reasonable rates. Plus, there's the sense that the people there care about doing a good job.

Don't believe me. Check out this picture:

We recently had some storms that not only knocked out power to certain areas (not mine this time), but led to impressive flooding. Those are BECI workers rowing a boat into a flooded forest to try to find the source of an outage and gets lights back on for those folks. Hardcore service, man.

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