Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TV Sherpa: Cat-Man

Bit of an explanation for this series, yes? Yes.

Cat-Man is a Golden Age superhero who has fallen into the public domain. This is an important distinction, because it's why I drafted him into my particular universe in the first place. I wanted Captain Satellite's world to have its own pop culture, and that meant it would need its own specific set of comic book heroes to make the rounds of other media. It seemed silly to divert time into crafting brand-new characters for such a limited role, so I instead latched onto the concept of re-imagining PD heroes for this purpose.

Cat-Man was an easy choice in this regard. He sort of looks like Batman. His costume is appropriately silly, and went through so many permutations that there's no one "right" way to depict him. I wanted to create a fictional TV show in the mold of the 1960s BATMAN, and Cat-Man was perfect for the part.

As far as "Bruce Chase", that's the name of the ACTOR, not Cat-Man's in-story alter ego. The name was one that originated as a possible secret identity for Captain Satellite, and I thought it would be fun to reuse for an overblown superhero thespian. Bruce is a guy that I imagine as a synthesis of William Shatner and Adam West, only even broader and more exaggerated. Hammy acting, for the win!

This series is the work of Kabuki Katze, and it owes its name specifically to her work. You see, "TV Sherpa" was HER joke, and it came from this series of commissions. She was delighted to recycle it for this series when I asked for it, and I really think it adds to the feeling to have a faux TV Guide cover with Our Hero.

I keep referring to this as a series, don't I? Yes, my friend, there will be three more of these in your future. While you await them, why not peep out Kabu's gallery page for this piece?

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