Monday, April 23, 2012

TV Sherpa: Kitten

Kitten is another public domain superhero. In fact, she's the sidekick of Cat-Man, as seen in our last "TV Sherpa" entry. So it's only natural she'd be Entry #2.

Rather than have Kitten be a young girl or a teenager, I elected to have her portrayed as a grown woman. Specifically, she's a woman inspired by Rene Bond. That accounts for the brunette hair and the exciting proportions. The latter, by the way, are perhaps toned-down a bit from Rene's actual measurements after she blazed a trail with breast implants in the 1970s.

The actress is named Eve East. This is one of my more obvious inside jokes, but darn it all, I love the name. Beyond that reference, I wouldn't read too much into it. Eve plays a significant role in the more contemporary Captain Satellite world, too. After leaving acting, she went into politics and wound up getting elected mayor of El Oceano. Maybe one day, we'll do a latter-day pic of her in that role.

Another five star commission by Kabuki Katze! But hey, you don't have to just tell me about how great it is. You can tell her, too!

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