Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jaguars, Jetmen, and Fantasies (oh my!)

Sometimes, your ideas cannot be contained by just one blog. While this one does a pretty good job of encompassing anything and everything, there are still things that don't quite fit. This is where you find out about a few of those odds and ends.

First up to bat is my latest commission from Kabuki Katze! But wait, that's usually a staple here. Why exclude it now? Well, as it turns out, this one is a bit...risque. Nothing terribly bad, but I'd prefer not to bring down the wrath of the Google Overlords if I can help it.

Therefore, this goes on Tumblr! I've recently changed the settings on OWARI 2.0 to NSFW - not because I intended to post a lot of that sort of stuff, but because I wanted a little more flexibility. So keep that in mind before you click the link below, but also remember that there's no one checking your I.D. at the door.

Here's a sample:

Click here for the Jaguar magazine commission!

In other news, I just added Notes for New ROJ Episode 4 to my long-running Return of Jetman site. That brings the total count left in need of annotation to three. I'd like to get that done before year's end, but realistically, I just might not find the time.

Going back to OWARI 2.0, I will be taking advantage of my newfound flexibility to post the occasional entry that might be questionable here. This discussion of Suzanne Fields is one of those instances. It's more about the text than the picture in this case, which you'll understand if you decide to take a gander. And when the dialogue starts with "Well, I’d like to be seduced," why wouldn't you?

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