Monday, June 25, 2012

Magic of the Ninja - Lion Maru

I was looking for some videos on Dailymotion one night when I discovered something that I thought might interest Kabuki Katze a great deal. This comment thread on dA was the result. There are video links!

Little did I realize this would lead to four downloadable wallpaper packs of chibi cat characters from P Productions! WOW! It's really outstanding fanart, and desperately makes me want to create my own cat dudes. Well, especially coupled with Jaguar Bond! I can say it had an influence on my following through on something that had been bouncing around my head for at least a year. You'll be seeing THAT soon enough!

While I was still lurking in limbo, I remembered something I had neglected to mention to Kabuki when I first exposed her to these shows. Namely, there exists an ENGLISH DUB of the first episode of KAIKETSU LION MARU. There might even be more, but the one is all that's surfaced. Entitled "Magic of the Ninja", it turned up on an obscure kiddie tape back in the 1980s. I knew of it, but had never managed to score a copy back in my tape trading salad days.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, "Magic of the Ninja" can now be seen on this very blog. It was in two parts on Youtube, so I made a playlist. Both parts should play one after another in the player embedded below. Double click to watch it on Youtube at larger size.

(EDIT: I am not sure why Youtube keeps making this Playlist inaccessible, but I am wearying of it. Here is Part 1 and here is Part 2.)


  1. I actually lived in Japan when I was a really young kid and I got to watch the original Lion-Maru on TV. I couldn't understand the dialogue at that time, but I was mesmerized by this show and many other live-action Japanese superhero series of the early 1970's. Due to my exposure to such amazing shows, my cosplay activities are primarily focused on old-school tokusatsu and anime characters. A couple of years ago I attended Anime Expo (Los Angeles) as Magma Taishi, and this year I appeared as Kaiketsu Lion-Maru! In 2013, I will select another 1970's tokusatsu hero to cosplay. Good times!

  2. In Brazil Lion Maru (Lion Man)
    is a cult for brazilian fans
    of tokusatsu! "Formação Lion
    Man! Poderoso Lion Man " !