Friday, June 29, 2012

Lad Mag Mascots In Card Form

Sometimes, crazy ideas are the best kind.

Recently, our pal Kabuki ran a sale on her ACEOS. Order two, get a third free! Whee! Well, except for the fact that I've been feeling pretty dry on the commission front. I had no really clever ideas. Well, except...

Thought it over for a few days, decided to go for it. What did I commission? Well, hey, remember that Jaguar Bond from not very long ago? The one from Myron Fass' JAGUAR magazine? Him. But to fill out the dance card, I brought along his compadres Le Duke and Pussy Katz from the Fass skin mag DUKE.

KK latched onto this idea with the kind of aplomb that only she can bring to the table. She volunteered to write appropriately terrible jokes for the trio, and even gave Miss Katz a jumpsuit that really shoulda been around back in the day. Don't be surprised to see Kabu use that design again - I know I won't be.

Without any further ado, here to launch you into your weekend are three dirty-minded cartoon characters formerly from Myron Fass' Countrywide "empire."

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