Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Big Pile of Sci-Fi Mags

What you see before you is exactly what the title of this entry says. I'm not sure of the exact count; I think I may have picked up a few more after the photo was taken. But this is the ultimate result of my ambition a couple of months ago to pick up as many Myron Fass-published sci-fi magazines as I could find.

This spans almost a full decade of cheap exploitation. The earliest dates from 1976, while the latest is from circa 1984-85. Not every magazine in this pile is from Fass's companies, but all of them are of that ilk. They run the gamut from fascinatingly bad to surprisingly good. None of them are exactly boring, though a few are entertaining for entirely the wrong reasons.

At one point, I had intended to review each and every magazine in this pile. I'd still like to do such a thing, but as with most grand plans, it sounds a lot more daunting than when I first conceived it. Plus, I question whether there is that much interest in these obscurities. A big part of their appeal for me is the fact that so little is known about them. I'd kind of like to demystify them and clear up the errors that have sprung up on the Internet about them. Trouble is, does anyone other than me care?

I know, I know: I've never let that stop me before.

I guess we'll see how the winds of inspiration blow as far as indexing the likes of Space Wars, Star Warp, and Star Force. Oh, and speaking of the latter, a copy of Star Force Vol. 2, #5 has yet to surface for me. The search continues!

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