Monday, July 30, 2012

Galaxy Laser Team

You can blame it on Kirk Demarais if you like. He's the one who put together this blog post about the newly-reissued Galaxy Laser Team. This was a total bombshell to me, because I was one of those kids who had those "space army men" back in the day and loved them.

In fact, I still have some. I unearthed them a few years ago. Not sure where they are right now, but it was fun to find them again. I tried to take pictures, but my photography skills were not up to capturing them in all their tininess.

How tiny? This tiny.

I'm not, as a rule, a toy collector. I'm not sure, does buying random toys out of vending machines count as "collecting?" Be that as it may, I was putty in the face of the pure retro awesomeness of the Galaxy Laser Team's return. I had to have them! Therefore, I made my way to the Amazon page and ordered them. They arrived the day after my birthday, and were a happy late birthday present to me!

Seriously, this is way cool. I am so geeked that I wrote my first Amazon review! There's also a Facebook fan page for the Galaxy Laser Team that you should consider joining. If this reissue is a success, we might get to see more space toys return.

As for me, I have my eye on something else for the time being. Turns out the Galaxy Laser Team is actually VictoryBuy's second reissue of some Tim Mee Toys favorites.

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