Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Original Galaxy Laser Team Returns

I ventured into the attic last week, and as I observed on Twitter and Facebook, I remembered why it had been so long since I'd been in the attic. But? It was for a good cause. I finally excavated something I'd been promising a friend forever. And I also uncovered some old friends who have been on my mind these last couple of months.

Yes, part of the reason for my expedition upstairs was to find my original Galaxy Laser Team figures. You see a group shot of the survivors above. Out of a bag that was probably 31-36 figures, I still have 9. This is actually better than I thought, since a couple of them were in a different box than the ones I'd first unearthed back in 2007.

Looking at the assortment, I'm struck by how well these cheap figures hold up. I probably gave little thought to taking care of the Galaxy Laser Team over the years, and yet they still look pretty decent. The space hero is missing his antenna, though his helmet is so smooth at the top that I wonder whether this one came out of the factory without his. The space yetis are all suffering from broken antennae, with the black one already missing one. There are scuffs and wear, but doggone it, these things have lasted. Sometimes, cheap toys are the best toys.

As I think I've mentioned, I've never really been a serious toy collector. I can't say I'm becoming one, but the Galaxy Laser Team has come along at a point in my life when my long-term hobbies haven't been quite the same. They are nostalgic, they are relatively cheap, and they are fun. I'm quite grateful to Kirk Demarais for reminding me of them and Jeff Imell for reissuing them. It's been a good time revisiting my misspent youth.

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