Monday, September 3, 2012

Tim Mee Plastic Army Men

When I concluded my post on the Galaxy Laser Team, I hinted that I'd be picking up some army men to complement my space men. Well, that has finally come to pass. Let me tell you a bit about my new friends.

Plastic Army Men are classic, and if you're in my age range, these guys will seem very, very familiar. These were the toy soldiers of my youth. Well, there are a few changes in keeping with the times, but the essence is the same. From what I understand, the tan soldiers didn't come about until the first Gulf War, and the grenade thrower has lost his grenade over the years.

Part of the reason for the "C'mon guys!" soldier replacing the grenade thrower is one of the exciting parts of this reissue. You see, the original mold was altered to remove the grenade. And these Army Men are cast from the original molds! Yes, it's true! They are as high quality as they get, and they're even made in the good old USA!

If you'd like to feel like a kid again, or share the joy of these with a kid, you can order them through VictoryBuy on Amazon. You should also check out the Facebook fan page for the latest news, cool links, and lots and lots of toy love!

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