Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Good Girls Don't by the Knack

If you want proof there was a significant backlash to the Knack, you need look no further than the fate of "Good Girls Don't." "Good Girls Don't" is a GREAT song, and yet it is largely forgotten today. True, it's not as memorable as "My Sharona," but then, what is?

"Good Girls Don't" came out while "My Sharona" was still on the charts, and that certainly could have affected its momentum. It's hard not to notice that it sort of creeps up the charts before it plateaus at #11, and then tumbles down and sinks into oblivion.

Which is a pity, sez I. "Good Girls Don't" deserves to be remembered.

Funny thing about that video right there - that's the single version. One of the fascinating aspects of "Good Girls Don't" was that it was a bit TOO dirty for radio. Here's the version that appeared on the album.

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