Thursday, November 15, 2012

Observations Made While Watching GODZILLA VS. GIGAN

  • The art direction in this movie is just sensational. Toho's films are among the most beautiful-looking "exploitation" movies ever made, but this one just knocks my socks off. The sets and color choices are pure eyecandy.

  • That bit where Gengo refers to his girlfriend/agent/whatevah as a "hard bitch" in the English dub is possibly even funnier in Japanese. Why? Because what he really says is "Mommagon," which is the same name as one of the monsters he designs later - a monster patterned after her. I think Mommagon might mean something like "demon momma".

  • I am sort of boggled that NO ONE that translates Godzilla movies bothers to sit down and think things through. OK guys, time out for a second. In Japanese, it is "Hanta Seiun M-sei," right? Right. That does not translate as "Nebula M Star Hunter," "Space Hunter Nebula M" or even "Star Hunter Universe M" like in the dub for GODZILLA VS. MEGALON. It is, quite simply, "Hunter Nebula, Planet M." In other words, the planet M in the Hunter Nebula (real or not?). Given the fact that Japanese sci-fi has both a Planet R and a Planet E, I don't think Planet M is too much of a stretch.

  • How odd that the character of Kubota is referred to as possibly being a "nisei," or Japanese person from outside the country. Even odder that the subtitles refer to him specifically as an English teacher. I should go back and check to see if that's right. The actor that plays him (Toshiaki Nishizawa) is definitely a native Japanese, so it's not as if they needed to explain away anything unusual about him.

I actually like this movie a whole lot. It's likeable and goofy and the characters are somewhat offbeat. It takes more shortcuts than it should, and it's clearly absurd even by Godzilla standards. Yet, it's a reasonable and painless way to kill 90 minutes.

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