Friday, February 22, 2013

Jack Kirby and Wings

I wrote about the Paul McCartney and Wings song "Magneto and Titanium Man" waaaay back in this entry. In fact, it was so long ago that my embed wouldn't fit properly in this blog's format at the time. That's changed now, so let's try it again.

I don't have much to add personally beyond what I wrote in 2010. However, I recently came across a little infographic that clarified something I knew back then, but not in much detail. That's the origins of the images of the two title characters (and the Crimson Dynamo) that accompanied Wings concert performances.

This image originates from the Kirby Museum, and traces the source of each figure that I glimpsed only briefly when I watched WINGSPAN many years ago. NONE are by Kirby, incidentally, though he did do some art that was presented to the McCartneys. I also did not know until I saw this piece that those same three figures also graced a 45 sleeve. There's something for Marvel madmen!

I learned a lot from that one image, so kudos to whichever person put it together for the Kirby Museum!

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