Monday, February 11, 2013

R.I.P. Bill Fugate

I was kind of hoping I wouldn't need to write this entry for awhile.

I learned last week that Bill Fugate, the talented cartoonist who contributed so much to Big Bang Comics, was ill. Gravely ill. While you always hope for the best, I understood that my hearing about it probably meant that his time was short. And indeed, Bill Fugate left us today.

I didn't know Bill Fugate personally, but I guess I felt like I did at times. Big Bang was very much my anchor to keeping the fun in comics during a time in my life when I desperately needed bright spots. And how could you not love Bill's work? There was a gentle whimsy to the style he used for Big Bang.

I did get to exchange Facebook messages with Bill briefly last year. I'm glad I got to tell him how much I adored his work while he was still able to appreciate the sentiment. Sometimes, we never get that chance.

The image at the top is the cover to Big Bang Comics (Vol. 2) #1, featuring Erik Larsen's Mighty Man, Knight Watchman & Kid Galahad and Dr. Weird. At the end are the covers to Big Bang Comics (Vol. 2) #16 (featuring Thunder Girl, the BB character most identified with Bill) and Big Bang Presents #2 (featuring Bill's original creation Super Frankenstein). The first two are from the files of my defunct Big Bang Comics fansite, while the latter was lifted from the official Big Bang website. I don't think they'll mind.

Farewell, Bill Fugate. You left us way too soon, but still bestowed on us a wonderful legacy to remember.



  1. Terrible news. I didn't know Bill Fugate at all, but really admired and enjoyed his work. I wish his friends and family well during this time.

  2. Nice writeup, Chris.
    I always considered myself an unabashed fan of Bill's work. I loved his art. There was always this sense of fun that came through on all his pages.
    In another world, some smart publisher would've paid Bill big bucks to draw any comics he wanted to draw, and those comics would've sold in huge numbers.

  3. @Mark - Considering you are another of the artists from Big Bang that I admire a lot, I consider that a high compliment. I still prize my copy of BUGBOY.

    I wish I could visit the world where Bill got to make his comics. I bet it is a beautiful place.