Sunday, February 17, 2013

R.I.P Kojiro Hongo

More sad news from this past week. It was Igadevil who alerted me to this on Twitter, but Kojiro Hongo has died. Kojiro Hongo (本郷 功次郎; Hongo Kojiro) is best remembered in the West for his starring roles in the Gamera films WAR OF THE MONSTERS/GAMERA VS. BARUGON, RETURN OF THE GIANT MONSTERS/GAMERA VS. GAOS, AND DESTROY ALL PLANETS/GAMERA VS. VIRAS. He later returned for a cameo in GAMERA, THE GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE. He had a long and varied career that also included a Majin movie.

Kojiro Hongo died of heart failure on February 14, 2013. He was 74, one day shy of his birthday.

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