Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Xenorama #15

Oh hello, what's this? Why yes indeed, David McRobie's XENORAMA #15 is ready for ordering! And just peep out that list of contents! I'm sure you are already sufficiently intrigued to order it, but yeah...I'm in there, too! What am I covering? Oh, comic books, sentai, music...the usual!

Ordering can be done from David's blog page, but if clicking too many links is hard work, I've also included one here. Who loves ya, baby? OWARI does, that's who.

(If you're wondering why I tagged the always-wonderful Kabuki in this entry, this entry should supply the answer.)


  1. shoot. I completely forgot to credit her for the awesome logo. ugh.

  2. (Whoops, was signed in as the wrong person when I commented.)

    Anyway, NIFTY! I know that logo AND what I'll be picking up as my first magazine purchase on my tablet!