Wednesday, July 29, 2009



I purchased Jetta during March/April 2006, though it had originally been scheduled for November (?) 2005. I don't know what delayed it for several months. It was published by Airwave Publishing, and their website was my source for the cover image seen here. That site, and presumably Airwave itself, is no more. If anyone has information to the contrary, I'd love to hear it.

Anyway, this is a collection of 1950s stories by Dan DeCarlo, who would later gain more than a little recognition for his work at Archie Comics. The stories in here are certainly in the Archie mold, with a number of familiar teen comic archetypes. Except - it's all in THE FUTURE! DUM DUM DUM DUM!

Seriously, the stories are cute but hardly groundbreaking stuff. The only difference is all the silly futuristic trappings. The art is all attractive and reproduced fairly well. After seeing several horrible computerized "reconstructions", kudos to Airwave for getting it right. There is some misplaced text in the introduction, but overall I'd say this is a worthy investment for your funnybook dollar if you like teen humor and/or DeCarlo's art. Oh yes, and there's a brand-new story that hits the spot, too.

That's Jetta. It's nothing to get super-excited about, but an interesting read if you can find it.

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