Monday, October 5, 2009

30 Days In The Hole

If you're a compulsive follower of OWARI (entertaining dozens since 1995), you might have noticed that there was no September update to last month. This was despite my heavy implication that there would be just such an update. Well, much to my consternation, time has been my worst enemy in putting together material for the site.

I should point out that I have made some progress on the ROJ front. However, that was before the computer issues which meant I needed to be focused elsewhere. Now, none of my work was lost, but a lot of potential time to do MORE work was. This was coupled with several real life concerns (including one in particular that is as unlikely as it is promising) that diverted my attention. The end result is that what was projected as a lock for September will now be either October or November, depending on how a few things break down.

This entry isn't just about explaining/excusing the habitual tardiness that has been a hallmark of ROJ since the dark days post-Hurricane Rita. Nope, I've got a little preview of some of the notes for ROJ Episode 12 - "Know Your Enemy". This is, in my humble opinion, one of the better stories I've concocted for this whole enterprise. If you haven't read it, might I suggest following that link now before you continue?



"Know Your Enemy"
(Episode 12)
Production Notes
by Christopher Elam
© 2009 Christopher Elam


Episode 12 - "Know Your Enemy" wrapped principal writing on May 6, 2003. The title (probably the best of the ROJ series) has a double-meaning which should be obvious after reading the episode. The operative phrase is "Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself," but going with that as the full title would have tipped my hand fairly early.

I'm quite happy with the way this episode turned out, though it was not universally beloved. It does sort of backpedal a little from the rather insane cliffhanger of the previous episode, but that was something I knew would happen ahead of time. I just felt all the elements managed to tie together in a completely satisfying way.


The revelation that Gai (and Kei!) knew about Ken's duplicity in Episode 7 adds to the almost unbearable level of tension among the remaining Jetmen. It takes Reiko's outburst and confession of her true feelings for Gohan to cool Ken and Kei's tempers - at least temporarily.

"I mean, what's a traitor, after all?"/"A traitor is a dirty motherfu..." - This exchange is based on a similar one in the martial arts films THOUSAND MILE ESCORT. And yes, its English dubbing defines "traitor" in just such colorful terms.


Hopefully, this will entice some of you who haven't sampled the series to give it a shot. If not, you can't blame me for trying!

Oh, and since I've been asked by some of the few hardy souls who read ROJ - yes, I have every intention of finishing the current "New Return of Jetman" storyline. I haven't talked much about it since April, but it is never far from my mind. Although in retrospect it might have been a mistake to launch this series (possibly more on that someday), I am very determined to finish what I've started. Besides, I think NROJ (as I like to call it, even though it makes me think of NRBQ) contains some of my strongest and most interesting fiction writing. It may have some of my weakest fiction too, but we won't talk about that! (Shhh!) I feel like I have made a few sacrifices in my quest to get that darn thing wrapped up, and suffered a few personal losses that might not owe directly to the project but which are connected to it in my head nonetheless. The least I can do is actually finish the silliness, whether with a bang or a whimper.

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