Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ghastly Grooves

One of my favorite stores is Big Lots, but probably for all the wrong reasons. I like to call it "The Store That Sells The Things Nobody Wants". That's not entirely fair, of course, but it's probably a lot more accurate than its upper management would like to admit. Closeout stores are ALWAYS the shopping equivalent of visiting the Island of Misfit Toys, and that's why I like them. Plus, you can often find cool stuff that fell through the cracks. I own a lot of music thanks to the Big Lots chain.

A fine example of a Big Lots gift that keeps on giving is the CD GHASTLY GROOVES. Clicking that Amazon link (which does not profit your humble blogger, by the way) will immediately reveal one of the things I love about this compilation. Yes, friends, it is a latter-day K-Tel album! Ye Gods, I love me some K-Tel. Seeing that stylized "K" logo is almost enough to make the sale right there.

But there's more. This may be one of the best collections of "Halloween" music ever assembled. It obviously can't be THE greatest, since it lacks both "Monster Mash" (is that legal?) and Zacherle's "Dinner with Drac" (often forgotten, but a favorite). But how many other Halloween CDs include both Donovan and Santana? Or a track from my boys BOC? Or the nigh-forgotten Redbone?

I'm genuinely impressed with the thought put into this album. For the traditionalists, you have things like "Haunted House" and "The Blob". For those looking for big songs, you have "Ghostbusters", "Spooky", and "Frankenstein" (which qualfies solely due to its name, but it rules so no one cares). You even get quality cult acts like Screamin' Jay Hawkins, the Ventures, and Roky Erikson.

Find it. Get it. It will make your Halloween party that much cooler. I promise.

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