Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Fake" Korean "Anime" DVDs

That's more quotes than usual in a title. I feel vaguely like a 1980s Jack Kirby character. (inside joke for you comic fans)

Not too many years ago, a small budget DVD company named Digiview put out a number of titles that, at first blush, looked for all the world like Japanese animation. But they weren't. Instead, they turned out to be KOREAN animation, and not especially good examples. Dubbed into English and licensed by the fine folks at IFD Films, they are amazingly awful. And yet, I cannot find it in my heart to hate them. They cross the line from being bad to a realm where it is one of life's sweet mysteries how they even exist.

I think Digiview is gone now, but I am quite possibly mistaken about this. IFD is still out there, as you can see here and here if you must. And I never managed to get quite all of those DVDs. But I do have a lot of them, and all they're doing is sitting in a box. I could give them away, but that would just be mean to someone. No no, I think I'll try to take a look at a few of them next year, and post the unholy results for all to see.

Be afraid.

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