Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Idea Ahead Of Its Time

Tangentially, I've often fantasized about gathering a big bunch of animation fans of all kinds, ponying up a small amount of money each, and beginning a cable TV channel which would show nothing but cartoons, from sign-on-to-sign-off -- in their entirety, black and white if they were made that way, theatrical and television, from every studio and every country, the pure entertainment to the experimental. There's certainly plenty of material available, and who knows how successful it could be; as a unique cable service among the myriad carbon-copy movie channels, it could very well end up beamed all over the country.[...]I'm sure the day will come when someone else will come up with the idea, and will become fabulously rich doing it...

--Mike Tiefenbacher
The Comic Reader #190 (May-June 1981)

So close, Mike, and yet oh so far.

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