Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Favorite Screenshot Ever

Remember those bootleg Hong Kong (actually often Taiwan-pressed) anime and tokusatsu DVDs that used to be all over the Internet? Maybe they still are, for all I know. Besides their relative cheapness, one of their biggest selling points was that they featured English subtitles.

The catch in that boon to fankind was that the English subtitles were just translations of the Chinese subtitles, sometimes by people with a shaky grasp of both Japanese and English. It's amazing the subs ever came out coherent at all. Sometimes, they didn't even manage that.

The comedy value of these discs can be extremely high. The word "karaoke" became "Karate OK" in one show. But my all-time fave comes from a copy of the 1984 BIOMAN movie. My disc ended up going bad (no great loss), but I had to save this for posterity.

Second one is me, Taco watch my bubble hell

Yes, watch it.

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