Friday, January 22, 2010

My World : Hugo Beaumont

Hugo Beaumont

Hugo Beaumont was bored. Very, very bored. It was hard not to be, considering his lust for adventure in the safe and sterile world of the far future. He craved excitement, but that was the last thing his environment could offer him. All he could do was throw himself into developing the technology that would allow him to break the shackles of his dull existence.

That day came when Beaumont invented his time travel belt. Using the belt, he can travel through time and space to anywhere in the known universe. Now, a normal person would use such an invention for useful purposes. But Hugo Beaumont? He chose to make himself into a nefarious villain - for kicks.

Adapting a peculiar form of costuming, Beaumont traveled to the era of Captain Satellite to match wits with the hero. Their battles have already proven to be considerable, but does Beaumont know how the game will play out? Only "time" will tell!

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