Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Suddenly, one year later...!"

I almost didn't use that title, as it (and subsequent variations) has been used by Mike Sterling over at Progressive Ruin. Progressive Ruin, if you didn't know, is the finest comics blog in this or any other dimension. But then I remembered I got it from BRAIN 17, which I suspect Mike has never seen, so all is right with the universe. For now.

As it turns out, it has been almost precisely one year since we launched this little blog. Time flies, no? I look back on that tentative first entry, and realize things have evolved a bit since that day. Mainly, the LiveJournal hasn't gone away, but it has been increasingly de-emphasized to the point that I consider its continued existence an afterthought. For better or worse, this blog is now the go-to place for my latest written pieces.

I like to think that's for the better. I am not shy about recycling material if I think I can find a new audience for it, but I've tried to create enough of a mix here to keep everyone on their toes. I doubt I please everyone all of the time. Heck, I only rarely please myself! But I have tried to make this blog someplace interesting and unique. I know I've been having a good time making it.

Since I started this thing, I've added some feeds in the wilderness of the Internet. Probably the most read of those is on my Facebook. Part of me wishes I had thought to do that earlier, as there is some stuff from the early days that I think gets overlooked. In fact, let me link some of it!

And those are just a few of the highlights of the first three months of the blog. So, check out the archives, and see what I have to offer. Thanks for reading this past year. I'll do my best to keep this up as long as possible.


  1. just a year? of course, I remember your Earth 1 blog, which I quite enjoyed as well. that's why I have this account!

  2. I hadn't realized it was actually coming up on one year until a day or two ago. Figured I should say something, and maybe point people to the posts I made when only three or four people were reading. I think there are a lot that are quite good!