Monday, February 1, 2010


Fight! Dragon
As our friends at Xenorama mentioned yesterday, I discovered over the weekend that the Japanese TV series FIGHT! DRAGON will be coming out on DVD in March, courtesy of the folks at Mill Creek Entertainment.

This is pretty exciting news. This series was scheduled to be released by BCI before they were shut down. Apparently, everything was all ready for that set, as I doubt Mill Creek would go to the trouble to finish this themselves. Only now, the price is even lower than it would have been. Insane.

FIGHT! DRAGON stars Yasuaki Kurata, a fairly well-known face in both Japanese and Chinese martial arts productions. There are a bevy of guest stars too, including Yang Sze (Bolo Yeung) and Susumu Kurobe. Plus, the whole thing is written by Masaru Igami and the theme is sung by Masato Shimon. It's like a Japanese superhero show, only without the costumes!

Mill Creek is also re-releasing IRON KING and SUPER ROBOT RED BARON at rock bottom prices. Does this bode well for the cancelled SILVER KAMEN (SILVER MASK) box set? I don't know, but hope springs eternal.

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