Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When Three Was Two

One of the sublime joys of "greatest hits" CD compilations is that they often come with a retrospective of the musical act in question. Some of these are low-key, while some are bit...effusive at times. You don't need to oversell to convince someone of the importance of, say, Bob Dylan. The Thompson Twins, on the other hand, are a trifle more challenging.

The author of the liner notes to Thompson Twins Greatest Hits (1996) stepped up his game for this assignment. I wonder if he perhaps laid it on too thick? Some choice samples of his thoughts on the Thompson Twins:

...without question, the most creative, the most clever, the most adventurous, and the most human of the synth-pop league.

..it was the Thompson Twins who (some would say) single-handedly pushed [pop music] over the edge, formulating a new dimension in sound.

By being themselves, the Thompson Twins created a safe haven for those of us who didn't necessarily fit into society's so-called set of rules and regulations.

What do you think, class?


  1. while I really like the Twins, that is probably laying it on a bit thick. still, he's probably a fan AND hopefully knows that people will take that overly effervescent praise with a grain of salt.
    or two.
    how many songs are on this CD? they've had like, 12 versions of a greatest hits CD it seems.

  2. Have they? I've only ever seen this one. But then, looking on Amazon, I see several others. Funny; I'd never have guessed!

    There are 16 songs - all the big U.S. hits, plus a few more. It's this one.