Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ye Olde Internet

I thought I should add a few words about "If The Internet Had Existed 75 Years Ago", and appending them to the entry itself seemed like it would disrupt the flow of it.

Long-time readers of my work may recall seeing this piece on my LiveJournal several years ago under the title "If The Internet Had Existed 70 Years Ago". Got to keep up with the time, y'know. In fact, the sharp-eyed among you may have already noticed that the new version was posted at the exact five year anniversary of the original. I live for things like that.

The simple origin of this bit of nonsense was that it struck me as a fun way to satirize Internet discourse. I chose the time period in question simply because the pop culture references were quite antique, yet still recent enough that some people might recognize them. I didn't hold a lot of hope that many would get my joke. It was just something I did to humor myself.

As you can see, that entry garnered a lot of positive feedback when it was new. I was so pleased with it that I later converted it into a print article for OWARI #12. I've been waiting for the right time to publish it on the blog, and its anniversary became that moment.

The piece has been revised a little since that original LJ post. I don't expect it to receive nearly as much notice as it did the first time around, but it's one of my works that truly deserves to find as wide an audience as possible.

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