Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stories About The Stranglers

Here's an excerpt from the profile of the Stranglers in Wayne Jancik and Tad Lathrop's Cult Rockers (1995) :
"The Stranglers were no strangers to controversy. The press blasted them for misogyny in song titles like 'Bitching' and 'Bring On The Nubiles' and the use of onstage strippers."

I Wanna Be Sedated - Pop Music In The Seventies, a 1993 book by Phil Delio and Scott Woods, explains the Stranglers thusly :
"And then there was the Stranglers, who in unadulterated buffoonery stood mighty tall in the seventies scheme of things. What you need to know about them : 1) they reminded people of the Doors; 2) they recorded two incredible songs, '(Get a) Grip (on Yourself)' (1977) and 'Tank' (1978); 3) they didn't really drive their own tank, that was General McArthur; 4) they were rock pigs supreme; 5) they can't be killed."

The 1999 edition of Rock Stars Encyclopedia, authored by Dafydd Rees and Luke Crampton and branded with the VH-1 logo, relates this touching tale of a February 1982 Stranglers gig :
"During a show at the Swindon Leisure Centre, the group is angered by a shower of spittle fired in their direction throughout their set. They apprehend the ringleader of the gobbing throng, remove his pants, and use his bare buttocks as tom toms during 'Golden Brown'."

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