Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello It's Me

Somehow, I managed to neatly miss the song "Hello It's Me" until a year or two ago. This despite the fact that it is over 30 years old and was featured in an episode of the TV show THAT 70S SHOW. Yes, because despite faithfully watching that series for two or three years, I've never seen the original pilot. But that's not why we're here today;"Hello It's Me" is. I feel like I missed out by not latching onto this song earlier. "Hello It's Me" is simply one of the most beautiful pop songs I've ever heard.

Todd Rundgren actually had two hits with "Hello It's Me". Originally, he scored with it as part of the band the Nazz. But it is as a solo Rundgren tune that "Hello It's Me" truly shone. I fell in love with the song to such an extent on my first listen that I immediately looked into the artist. And that is, as I said, Todd Rundgren.

Todd Rundgren is someone I had read about and heard about, but never bothered to investigate myself until recently. He's justly hailed as something of a musical renaissance man. Pretty much everything he's attempted, he's done well, and that covers a LOT of ground. He has gone from the pure incandescent pop of this song and "I Saw The Light" to the progressive sounds of the band Utopia to brain dead fun music ("Bang The Drum All Day") and been brilliant with all of them.

Nearly everyone that I've played "Hello It's Me" for has fallen in love with it, too. Why not check out this Youtube video and see if you agree?


  1. Todd Rundgren was also a producer on Meat Loaf's seminal album, Bat Out of Hell (whether or not this is a good thing obviously depends on your opinion of Meat Loaf; I, for one, think he's awesome), and played lead guitar for the album. The bit towards the end of the title song where the guitar sounds like a motorcycle revving up? That's Todd Rundgren.

  2. how is it possible that I saw the pilot before you? that's mind blowing to me.

  3. Man, thank goodness for e-mail updates. Blogger doesn't seem to be acknowledging all the comments on this entry yet!

    @Travis - Your comment made me realize I totally skipped over even mentioning Rundgren's ace production for folks like Meat Loaf and Grand Funk Railroad. I need to keep that in mind when/if I do a proper post on the man himself.

    And Meat Loaf is a force of nature, brother. He cannot be tamed!

    @David - I was not an early convert on the first season, and it was out of circulation by the time I was watching. The show lost me as it meandered along later, and I've not yet revisited it via DVDs or reruns. I am sure I will one day!