Saturday, February 26, 2011

BOC via GdL16

A couple of days ago, the atomically mysterious Atomic Mystery Monster posted "Nosferatu - Blue Öyster Cult" over on the Gravedigger's Local 16 blog. Since I instigated this whole deal, I thought it only fitting to mention it here. Besides which, my comment touches on some things that I likely would never get around to mentioning otherwise regarding BOC. I reproduce it here for your pleasure, and to raise the BOC content on this blog:

When this popped up, I idly wondered if I was responsible. And lo, I am! :)

It's funny you mention the Halloween connection, because I *do* own a Halloween CD with "Nosferatu"! It's called Ghastly Grooves, and though a K-tel product, it's all original versions. But I agree that the song is usually overlooked. Such a pity.

Man, where to begin with BOC? They are possibly one of the nerd-friendliest heavy metal bands that ever existed. Here are a few suggestions (and a couple of links) for horror/SF/fantasy songs:

* Secret Treaties is my favorite BOC album and it's loaded with this sort of stuff : "Subhuman", "Harvester of Eyes", "Flaming Telepaths", and most of all "Astronomy". I essentially owe a great friendship and collaboration to "Astronomy", so I might be biased.

* "E.T.I." is from Agents of Fortune (same as "Reaper") and filled with UFOlogy stuff. This sort of theme would be revisited in songs like "Fire of Unknown Origin" and "Take Me Away", but "E.T.I." is the most obvious and vivid.

* "Tattoo Vampire" and "I Love The Night" are both also connected to vampirism. There may be others.

* Michael Moorcock co-wrote three BOC songs: "The Great Sun Jester", "Black Blade" (about Elric and Stormbringer!), and "Veteran of the Psychic Wars".

* Besides the songs already mentioned from it, the album Fire of Unknown Origin also contains songs inspired by the film HEAVY METAL and "Joan Crawford". Why do I lump the latter in with horror? Listen to it, and you'll understand.

* Its story is too convoluted to explain, but the entire concept album Imaginos is worth seeking out for the bizarre storyline therein.

* "X-Ray Eyes" from Heaven Forbid explicitly references the Ray Milland movie.

That should be a good start!

I'm glad you liked the song. Thanks for reminding me that I've been remiss in discussing BOC on my own blog. Need to fix that one of these days!

And now, I have.

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  1. I can't believe it took me this long to notice this! I guess it serves me right for being so lax in checking the site's Google Analytics account. Thanks for posting this, I loved it. In fact, so did these guys.

    Here's an updated link to the article, as we'll eventually be taking down the old Blogspot version of the site.